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In 2017, $156,000 was raised to launch the Teacher Impact Fund. 43 educators were honored with an award. 

The CCHS Foundation has set a 5-year goal to raise enough to make the fund self-sustaining.  

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What is the Teacher Impact Fund? 

The Teacher Impact Fund (TIF) is a mechanism to financially reward and retain the best educators at our school. 

Where did the idea come from?

In 2016, the CCHS Foundation Board of Directors launched the Sister Paulette Williams, RSM Awards for Outstanding Service. Five teachers are honored annually at graduation and each receive a $5,000 award.  Supporters of the Foundation asked if there was a way to positively impact more teachers. In 2017, the first TIF awards were given out. 

Why is this necessary? 

Our teachers are one of the most valuable resources we have at Charlotte Catholic High School. They are in demand and in many cases could earn more teaching at other schools. They want to stay at Charlotte Catholic High School and this fund helps support them financially. 

Who gets a Teacher Impact Fund Award?

The awards are designed to honor those teachers who strive to be the best and get the best out of our students. A fair evaluation process, which considers many criteria, has been put in place by school administrators to assess CCHS educators. The Foundation provides the funding and financial awards are distributed by MACS.

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Teacher Impact Fund