The Gala Committee 2016


Amy McDonald, Chair

Parties with a Purpose

Tamberllyn Dobrowski, Chair

Pendant Raffle

Kelli Dumser and Tish Macuga

Wine Pull

Heather Dautel, Chair

Kathryn Bohmer, Natalie Chepul,

Karen Dougherty, Casey Fuller,

Tricia Malinoski, Mary Dare Mayeux

and Elizabeth Thomas


Tish Macuga, Chair

Thanks from the CCHS Foundation

Thanks to our 2016 Corporate Sponsors.

The Fillmore
Many thanks to Tara West and the entire event staff for making The Gala so inviting and fun

Gala 2016 

A huge success for Charlotte Catholic High School

Jenny Balch & Cindy Grim

Mark Strassner
Sometime voice of the Bulldogs and the Cougars…thank you for your talented services as our Live Auctioneer

 A special thank you to the many parent and student volunteers for their time and talents

 Dead Man’s Banjo

Jay Ostendarp - CCHS Class of 1985
Steve Mayeux - CCHS Class of 1986
Joel Thomas - CCHS Class of 1985
Erin Thomas - CCHS Class of 1987
Peter Yarborough
Byron Sein

Corporate Sponsorship

Cindy Grim, Chair

Jim Bohmer, Jim Kelligrew, Kevin McKane and Sarah Roselli,

PR and Marketing

Tracy Begley, Jamie Boll,

Nanine Hartzenbusch and Virginia White


Kris Caponigro, Chair

Judy Robinson


Jenny Balch, Nannette Gorman, Cindy Grim, Peter Keough, Bob Kloiber,

Amy MacDonald, MaryAnn Thomas

More than 300 in attendance at The Fillmore in uptown Charlotte.

Event nets nearly $150,000 for Charlotte Catholic High School!

Money raised helps fund:

Classroom Teacher Grants, Tuition Assistance, 

Language Lab, Sister Paulette, RSM Outstanding Service Awards

Check-in and Greeters

Jean Anderson, Chair

Jenn Cramer, Kelly Emory, Lisa Gilkey, Donna Green, Denise Gruender,

Karen Huth, Laura Kloiber, Sallie Mayeux, London Thornton and Colleen Tracy


Kris Caponigro, Chair

Jenn Cramer, Kelly Emory,

Bob Richardson

Jamie Boll

 Master of Ceremonies

Marcus Riter’s Sewing Class created the costumes with donations of sewing machines and fabric purchased from a CCHS Foundation Grant  with funds raised from a previous Gala!

Shrek: Hannah Leeke
Fiona: Rachel Eichert and Caroline Richardson
Donkey: Tiffany Potter
Lord Farquaad: Brooke Benninghoff
Pinocchio: Myia LeGrande
Gingy: Maddie Stark
Wicked Witch: Charlotte Frank

Joann Keane and her Photograph Class for the beautiful photographs created by the work of CCHS students.

Talented CCHS Student Actors

Shrek-Michael Middleton
Donkey-Kevin Mansfield
Fiona-Betsy Scarisbrick
Gingy-Grayson Hahn
Pinocchio-Lily Dennstaedt
Wicked Witch-Caroline Gorman
Lord Farquaad-Leo Falliace

Acquisitions & Packaging

MaryAnn Thomas & Bridget Ruller, Chairs

Lisa Beebe, Suzanne Bergen,

Jen Carpenter, Stacey Foley,

Donna Green, Nannette Gorman,

Karen Huth, Peggy Leo-Gallo,

Peggy Pendergrast,  Karen Rossitch,

Linda Rossitch, Alexis Sage,

Julie Scanlon